Simple tips that will help avoid growing a patchy beard.
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Simple tips that will help avoid growing a patchy beard.

Sadly, not all facial hair is created equal and dealing with a patchy beard can be a real nightmare. In the past several years a good beard has gone from being a facial feature to an element of style. But what can you do with all those hairless spots?  

Whether it’s the rate of hair growth or your hair growth pattern, the way your beard ends up is pretty much hardwired into your genetics. However, the fight isn’t over yet. Here are a few ideas to help remedy the patchiness and make the most of what you've got. 

Let it Grow 

Firstly, try to resist the urge to trim and let your beard grow. You can’t expect perfection overnight! Try to let your beard grow for at least a month. This will give you an idea of how the beard grows naturally and where the patchy spots are. In addition, if you let your beard grow, it will eventually start to intertwine in the space where you experience patchy growth, looking thicker as a result. After a month, trim your cheek and jaw line to keep things tidy, and continue letting your hair grow – the longer your beard, the more likely the patches will get lost underneath the rest of your beard bush. Equally you could choose to trim your beard to a short and even style once you know how the hair grows that will minimise the appearance of any patchiness. As long as you manage the length of your facial hair so that it is as even as possible, the patches should be less noticeable.  

Keep your facial hair in great condition.

A good beard oil or beard balm will not just keep your beard in great condition but will also make it look better too and condition both the hair and the skin underneath. Also a good beard balm applied regularly alongside regular combing with a bristle brush will encourage hairs to grow in the direction you want.  Use an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and prevent dry skin. This will also help if you suffer from itchy beard syndrome while stimulating the skin underneath. This promotes blood flow, and in turn, hair growth, resulting in a fuller, thicker, and healthier beard. 

Maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

Easy to say, hard to maintain but there’s no way around the fact that healthy hair growth – and thus a thicker beard – starts with a balanced diet. Make sure to get a good daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals. In particular protein, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A, E, B and C. You may have heard about biotin supplements for hair loss, but since the research on supplements inducing hair growth is inconclusive, try including plenty of biotin in your diet from natural sources like eggs, avocados, legumes, milk, and chocolate. 

Fill up on foods containing niacin, which prevents hair from becoming brittle and falling out. Common sources include sunflower seeds, mushrooms, beef, and fish. 

While you’re at it, maximise your beard growing powers by getting more sleep, working out to boost testosterone, and de-stressing.